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Omara Cycles

Cycling expert Les Omara started his bike business in 1945, determined to bring his passion for cycling to the people. He named the shop Corsair Cycles, after the fighter aeroplanes in World War II. Now his grandson Jae Omara continues his legacy, bringing his own expertise and enthusiasm to the latest evolution of the family business - Omara Cycles. Jae has lived and breathed bicycles all his life, just like his grandfather who trained champion bike riders like Billy Knevitt. “Pop got me into racing, and I've been racing and doing up bikes since I was 12. I used to strip and refurbish them, and sell them in the Trading Post for pocket money,” says Jae. While the business changed hands in the 80s, it was returned to the Omara family in 1998, where it continues to attract second-generation clients who fondly remember Les and his legendary bike shop. Like a rider gets better with experience, Omara Cycles has matured to become of one Melbourne's cycling institutions. What sets this bike business apart is its warm, friendly atmosphere - a place to swing by for a chat, with people keen to talk about new products, upcoming rides and the who's who of cycling. Because behind the shopfront on the popular Charman Road strip, you'll find a family that embraces the entire cycling industry - a local trader that values honesty, integrity and good old-fashioned service. It's the kind of “soul” that's often missing in superstores and retail chains. And if you've had a bad experience at one of those shops, Omara Cycles is here to restore your faith in business that cares. When Omara says they'll get something in, they do. When they offer advice, it's based on experience, not what they've read in a brochure. Because when you make your living from something you're passionate about, work becomes a pleasure. Omara Cycles has been in the game for more than 50 years - and still enjoying the ride.

Showing 625 to 650 of 1015 retailers with archived ads
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