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Camera House

Camera House is the largest speciality photographic retail chain in Australia. Widely recognised by the strong blue, yellow and white signage, many people would know that there is a Camera House store just around the corner from them. We have a team of smiling, photographic enthusiasts who are waiting to show you all about the world of picture taking. Each individual storeowner holds a stake in Camera House nationally. Therefore, superior customer service in addition to offering the latest products and exciting new products are the common goals of the organisation. The digital revolution is upon us and Camera House are at the forefront to provide all of your digital photographic needs. We offer all forms of digital you can get real photos from your digital media cards! We also burn your images onto CD for you to share your with family and friends. Camera House is the only photographic marketing group with its own warehouse, which stocks over 1,800 lines. These include a wide range of accessories, films, paper, chemicals, frames, albums and batteries. Plus, many exclusive imports including compact cameras, lenses, binoculars, telescopes, video processors, gadget bags, tripods, flashguns ... plus much more. In addition to these massive supply capabilities Camera House buys products from all parts of the globe and has exclusive products designed especially for the Australian market. Our stores are equipped with the latest developing equipment including the digital printing kiosks. Many stores also offer 1 hour processing. We use only the best paper and chemicals around to ensure that your prints look fantastic time and time again. The essence of the Camera House brand is to draw from customer's emotions encapsulating feelings of excitement and anticipation of seeing photos for the first time and the art in capturing the perfect image easily. The association of these emotions with the Camera House experience is illustrated through all communication materials and our aim is to position Camera House as top of mind when our customers think photography. For more information, feel free to contact us or visit one of our stores and experience the unique Camera House experience.

Celiac Supplies

Celiac, Gluten and Wheat free products: Celiac Supplies is Brisbane’s only gluten free and wheat free store, with over 2000 gluten free items under one roof. The store offers a range of services, which include dietary assistance for gluten reactive people, people with other autoimmune illnesses, such as IBS and other related ailments. At Celiac Supplies we have on our shelves everything you need to make life easier, e.g.: Pre-mixed flour; Flours; Pasta; Confectionary; Cooking Aids; Sauces and Marinades with 10 brands available e.g. tomato, worstershire, BBQ, salsa, Asian and gourmet Australian sauces; Jams and Spreads; Biscuits and Crackers; Drinks and Juices; and packet soups. Health Products: Celiac Supplies is the first shop to gain permission to sell Kakadu Juice, and is the exclusive outlet for Mandura Juice. Celiac Supplies has the most advanced supplements including: Mega H, Crystal Energy, and Kakadu Juice to name a few. Tuition for best usage of these supplements is conducted in-store. Celiac Supplies is the only shop in Australia to sell Flantechnology Health Products, and are one of the few outlets in Queensland for Natbio, and Neferm products. Other health products on special order include- SAFE and Amway. Seasonal products such as Christmas Cakes, Plum Puddings and Hot cross Buns come in a variety of products to suit various budgets. Shop Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm, Saturdays 9.30 am to 12.00. Closed Sundays, and Public Holidays, and after hours by appointment only. Located at 38 Macaulay St.Coorparoo, Brisbane (corner of Noela and Macaulay St)

Showing 157 to 182 of 1015 retailers with archived ads
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