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Travel with Kidz Newport

At the Travel Authority Northern Beaches we pride ourselves in providing superior travel and booking advise to our travellers. We help you compare the apples with apples, we separate the myths from the facts, we make sure your arrangements are booked and secured with reputable suppliers and we are there to assist you, when things do not go according to plan or if you simply need to change your plans before you go or whilst you are away. Our branch was opened on the 2nd of November 2009 under the owner/management of Uschi Howard with the assistance of Sue Barton. We excel in corporate travel, Travel with Kidz, Cruising, package holidays and adventure or retreat packages. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best combination of products for your particular budget, timetable and perimeter. Our speciality is service. Our qualifications come from nearly 30 years of experience... each. We have accumulated our knowledge not just by sitting behind a desk. We have travelled extensively to all parts of the world, we have listened to our travellers , we have assessed and chosen our suppliers and business associates wisely and have established working relationships that have passed the test of time. Reliability, Integrity and Experience are the common denominator with all of them. Our recommendation are our clients (some of whom have booked with us for 20 years !) and our peers who have recognised our exceptional proficiency with the highest industry awards (NTIA 2007 – Winner best corporate Travel Consultant, NTIA 2009 – Winner best corporate travel agent multi location, TWK conference 2010 – Finalist TWK office of the year after only 6 months, and more). When you travel, you usually do so with a purpose. Your mind and energy should be on the things that matter: your business, your family & your friends and not on how to solve the next riddle at some hotel reception or airline Check in counter. Be ready for that meeting, have fun and relax on your holiday or simply get there on time for that special event. And above all , remember: without a good travel agent you are on your own!


As Important as the Jewellery You Acquire, is the Reputation of the Jeweller You Acquire it From For all the things you buy throughout your life, few will be with you for more than a few years. An item of jewellery is one of those rare purchases that will be with you forever and could potentially live on to provide years of pleasure to your family. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the jewellery you buy today will still be giving you the same pleasure in twenty years as it does in the first week you wear it. When buying jewellery you should look for certain quality standards. Your special purchase should have significant weight and be robust enough to withstand the slings and arrows of your busy lifestyle. The quality of the metal and gemstones should be of a high standard to ensure that the piece continues to shine and sparkle for the years to come. Most importantly, you should buy the jewellery from someone you trust so that if something does go wrong, you can hold them to account. A Heritage that Spans Four Generations With this in mind you would be hard pressed to find a more suitable candidate than Trewarne Fine Jewellery. For over 70 years, the Trewarne family has been making special occasions last forever by ensuring that their jewellery is of a high standard. Trewarne is now under the direction of Travis Trewarne, representing the fourth generation of a proud Melbourne jewellery family. Together with his team of trained and qualified jewellery professionals he maintains the high standards of gemstone selection and manufacturing that his family have upheld for all of those four generations. Ensuring that the jewellery you buy today will continue to excite you for the years to come, not just when you see it under the showroom lights. Valuable Advice from Qualified Professionals The Trewarne team comprises gemmologists, diamond graders and valuers and they are members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers, the Gemmological Association of Australia and the Diamond Guild of Australia.

Trigger Brothers

Being born and raised in Queenscliff on Victoria's West Coast, the Trigger Bros. Paul and Phil grew up with a natural attraction to the Ocean. As early as 1960, their father had given them solid timber body boards (actually the center panels from a Queen Anne dinning table). These were extremely popular at the time. Returning home on the school bus one day in 1962 the boys saw their first ever stand up board rider at inside beach Pt. Lonsdale, but unfortunately for the next 2 years they had to be content to surf on Coolite bodyboards notorious for producing hideous stomach rash. The Trigger family moved to the Chelsea area in 1963 and by November 1964 Phil and Paul aged 13 and 15 were riding the wind chopped waves of Port Philip Bay on elder brother Peter's 9'6" Malibu. Delivering telegrams provided the cash for their 1st Surfboard a 9'8" Gill. Within a year the brothers each had their own boards secured on the roof of the family Holden wagon for trips to Pt.Leo, Torquay and holidays to Queensland. 1968 saw the first Trigger Bros. surfboard for Phil, an 8' x 22" Vee bottom, still sticky when launched at Pt.Leo. Peter had sourced the materials at Marine Fiberglass supplies, a tiny shop some where in the back streets of Melbourne and before long a 7' 10" was shaped and glassed for Paul in the backyard garage. Apart from a few tips from suppliers the brothers were completely self taught. The honing of skills came through continual trial and error leading to the establishment of Trigger Brothers Surfboards in 1970, their first store in Chelsea followed shortly afterwards. Competitive surfing became the companies strength with the likes of Phil and Paul, Gail Couper, Ian Portingale (twice open champion), Ian Cochrane, Phil Coates (twice open champion), Alan Atkins, Alan Tibballs, Gary Burns, Steve Wilkinson, Prue Latchford, Mark Harrison and Simon Forward have all won Victorian Titles over the years. Phil placed 5th in the first Professional Easter Bells Competition and Garry Taylor has the accolades of an Australian Cadet title, a Quiksilver trials 1st place, 2 Victorian Open Titles plus three years travelling on the Pro Circuit. Growing with other companies such as RipCurl, Quiksilver and Billabong, Trigger Brothers have seen their business expand to incorporate 7 stores, with surfboard manufacturing giving ground to the retailing of a huge variety of surfing products. Aged in their early 50's the brothers still surf 3-5 times a week and all staff are heavily involved in either surfing, skating, snowboarding or sailboarding.

Showing 911 to 936 of 1015 retailers with archived ads
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