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Pamper Boxes

PamperBoxes is a specialty online gift service offering a comprehensive range of thoughtful, heartfelt gifts and gift boxes. PamperBoxes are for those searching for a personal, distinctive and lasting gift. The story behind PamperBoxes... After 20 years of demanding but rewarding work as an ambulance officer, Michelle - the Founder and Director of PamperBoxes, suffered from injury and illness which required both periods of hospitalisation and a new career direction. It was during one hospital stay that the seeds of an idea for a new concept in gift giving were sown. Hospital staff stressed the importance of psychological self-care - not only during periods of illness and injury but at all times throughout a person’s life. One suggestion was that everyone should always have their own assortment of pamper items on hand to dip into when they feel the need for a little lift. A good idea, but how many people have the time and forethought to put together such a treasure trove? BUT ... what a perfect gift idea! And there you have it - the beginning of PamperBoxes. Importantly, as an enduring gift PamperBoxes can be re-filled and used over and over again. While The PamperBox Collection includes gifts for men, women and couples to suit all occasions there is a common theme which permeates the entire range – a PamperBox is a gift for the ‘whole’ person offering indulgence, inspiration and nourishment for the body, mind and soul. Our ultimate goal is to offer gifts that truly express your emotions.

Showing 651 to 676 of 1015 retailers with archived ads
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