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Ugg Boots Australia

Welcome to Australian UGG Boots, your direct online store for Ugg Boots and sheepskin products. Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd / J & V Collections Pty Ltd are located in Melbourne, Australia. We provide you with an opportunity to purchase quality products online at highly competitive prices, delivering to your door in a timely and professional manner. Our products are made by Australian manufacturers and in accordance with our strict quality requirements. Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd are proud members of the Australian Sheepskin Association. All our products carry tags and stitching indicating Australia as country of manufacture. We are not in any way affiliated with the US Company Deckers Outdoor whose products are made in China. Our manufacturers are reputably known for their luxurious double fleece lined UGG Boots and other sheepskin products. As many of our satisfied customers have said, they find no comparison in the feel of our products both in durability and their sensation. Our range of products have been chemically tested to keep them safe from irritations and allergies and are entirely made from quality pure sheepskin. Our prices on the website are highly competitive as we are offering our Ugg's direct from production line, thus giving you the opportunity to avail from the highest quality sheepskin products at a more affordable price. We take all our customers seriously and work to ensure you will receive exactly what you want and in a timely manner. We tend to correspond frequently with our clients offering a more personal level of sales so our customers feel they are treated with warmth as well as individuality and a feel of safety on the Internet. Although our clocks tend to click at least 8 hours ahead from most countries, you will find our customer service responding to your requests personally soon after we receive your order or just a query. We wish you a happy navigation through our site, we look forward to any suggestions or queries you may have, but most of all we do hope you take the opportunity to try our products or to refresh your collection of Ugg’s. The world is talking Ugg’s - it's time to get some for yourself!

Showing 937 to 962 of 1015 retailers with archived ads
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